Vidéo sur les célèbres FireBoat en 1903

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Vidéo sur les célèbres FireBoat en 1903

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les celebres Fire Boat que l'on voit arroser autour de la statue de la libertee
mais en 1903

(et pour le meme prix, deux videos)

:arrow: Fireboat "New Yorker" answering an alarm : 1903
From Edison films catalog: This picture gives a good idea of how soon one of the New York fireboats can be gotten under way after they receive an alarm of fire. The men are seen running on board the boat, taking their respective places, casting off the lines, etc. The boat is on its way to the fire in almost an instant. Length 75 feet. Class B. 9.00.
:arrow: Fireboat "New Yorker" in action 1903
This excerpt shows a demonstration by the famous fireboat "New Yorker." The picture shows the fireboat with all its nozzles spurting water as it goes back and forth in front of the camera. Put in service on February 1, 1891 as Engine Company 57, the "New Yorker" was stationed at the Battery near Castle Garden, where her crew lived aboard. She was 125 feet long, 25 feet abeam, with a tonnage of 243. The 800 horsepower triple expansion engine turned a single screw. With a total capacity of 13,000 gallons per minute from its Clapp & Jones and La France fire pumps, the "New Yorker" was the most powerful fireboat in the world. When Admiral Dewey came to New York with the flagship "Olympia" after the battle of Manilla Bay, the "New Yorker" led the water parade of hundreds of craft. Built at a cost of $98,250, the "New Yorker" remained in service until 1931.
et pour ne pas perdre mes bonnes habitudes, voila un lien sur l'histoire des Fire Boat

:arrow: New York City's Hudson River. A fireboat


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Je viens de decouvrir ce forum,vraiment ces vieilles videos un grand plaisir

Merci beaucoup
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