1st stay in New York in April 2018

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1st stay in New York in April 2018

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hello to all of you,

we will be 3 to fly to New York on April 4th.
Tickets are reserved and the hotel also.

we still have to plan a lot of things but we are a little lost in the mass of information that we find everywhere on the net and especially with regard to the Pass.
we want to take the hop on hop off pass to go from one attraction to another having a view of the city because if I understand it it takes several routes.
Is it advisable?

I will also book the shuttle but I am not sure how to get back as I do not know how long it will take to get to JFK and how long in advance we will have to be.

can you point me a little and give me a little advice regarding the pass. The city pass NY has museums that we do not want to visit. I find it a shame to pay for attractions that we will not do.

Thank you
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Re: 1st stay in New York in April 2018

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How did you find our blog ? :!: We are a french speaking website, so you will find all the informations concerning the passes in french here :


You can use Google Translate to get it in english :wink:
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