Me, Myself and I ;)

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Me, Myself and I ;)

Message par MrThibault » 26 août 2016, 18:37

Hello everybody !

My name is Thibault, I'm 30, from Belgium, and working in the catering section. (Kitchen and waiting/managing staff).

I discovered that I could do my job almost everywhere in the world, and I'm realising how great in could be to work in a foreign country, culture, while discovering the people from where I live, and the life, and improve my job skills by getting the best wherever I'm going...

I've worked so far 8 years in Belgium, then 2 years in France (Two summer season in the South (Presqu'île de Giens), two winter season in a ski village, in an altitude restaurant.). I then left, and I'm actually in Iceland, since march.

I'm planning to stay here in Iceland for the winter, and maybe steping by New York for my next step (around april - may I think ) ;)

I'm therefore on this forum to get the best I can from other working, living experience in New York ! ;)

I've never been there, and to be honest, I'd never expect myself to be interested by New York, since I like most quiet and peacefull places, but serving so much americain tourists here in Iceland made me want to go there, and discover their nice (according to what I can see from here ;) ) mentality ! ;)

Nice to meet you all anyway !

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Message par patricia » 27 août 2016, 09:08

Bonjour MrThibault
Bienvenue sur le forumny :D
Comme le forumny est francophone, ce serait mieux si tu pouvais te présenter en français :wink: cela permettra à tout le monde de te lire et comprendre ...
Merci et bon forumny :D

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Message par Didier » 29 août 2016, 11:46

Welcome on board ! :D
Laissez-vous guider à New York : découvrez la nouvelle édition de mon guide Destination New York !

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Message par zezetonyc » 26 sept. 2016, 13:33

NYC 23 nov / 7dec 2013
NYC 6sept / 29nov 2014


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